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Some trouble with content on the website, busy fixing it.

10th of August, 2018

This blog entry is only available for Basic Membership members and higher

Hi Sweeties,

While fixing and changing some things on the website today, an error happened that corrupted some of the content on the website. It's possible that some videos or pictures won't be loading. Tonight I will start with checking every single blog post, video and picture on the website until they are all fixed. It will probably take some time and won't be finished tonight. Due to this problem, I'm now extra behind with updating the website.

I promise that all will be fixed and all new uploads from this week will be online by Sunday evening. UPDATE 12 August: It seems more work than anticipated, but we're working on it. Will tell you more asap.

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience and hope you understand.

Thank you for your patience.

Big Kisses,



Huge upgrades to the website ... for you!

27th of July, 2018

This blog entry is only available for Basic Membership members and higher

Hi sweeties,

Over the past few weeks, there have been many changes, upgrades and bug fixes done to the website. I will be testing over the weekend and make a post about the changes, so you know what has all been done. With the changes done in the last 2 days, we’re almost ready to start uploading a lot of content that I promised you. Some days it will be a lot of posts and uploads, so you’re in for a treat. 

There are still more things to be done, but they don’t hold me back from posting a lot. Will also be fixing all the older posts that were not good, like videos not playing, double watermark, ...

One of the changes you can see right now, is that text of members only posts is blurred for non members, so now I can tell you all my secrets too.

Big Kisses,


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