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Peter Primo United States of America

This page is dedicated and in memory of Peter Primo, an amazing artist who did several awesome pinups of me and a lot of other busty models ... but he was also a friend. Sadly we never met in real life and his unexpected passing on February 8th, 2018 made me very sad. The first artwork he did was me and his last tweet was for my birthday. Probably it's now my most special birthday wishes ever. He had a special place for me in his heart ... and he has one in my heart forever. Now he's gone, much too early, but not forgotten! I want to remember the happy moments, so I made myself a promise to give his artwork of me a special place on my website. Wish he could still see it! He would have been so proud. I remember when I wrote him a message the first time, he was so excited. He was known as pinuphdc on Twitter and as crayons.n.curves on Instagram. Early 2018 he was proud to make his business with the name HEDDCO, short for Hedonic Design Co. and trademarked his logo.

It all started on September 7th, 2016. Checking my twitter notifications, he surprised me with his first artwork of me as sexy cowgirl. I was so impressed with his work! Then he really surprised with me with his version of Thelma & Louise ... Dolly & Katie. And a little later again with me as a sheriff. We started to have personal contact and I asked him to design specific logo artwork for my other projects, for which he once again did a great job. He did a few more based on the Codename Diablo movie. Just before the summer of 2017, he also mailed me a shirt with his company logo. I was very happy to help him out with some promo pictures wearing his shirt. Picture with the shirt he send me to promote his artwork, was taken on 1 June 2017, which I did with much pleasure.

Enjoy his artwork he made of me. You can enjoy his other work on his social media accounts: Twitter & Instagram I hope they won't delete these accounts, so that people can keep discovering his artwork. Pic 9 and 10 are screenshots of his twitter and instagram account on 5 February, after he made his last posts.

R.I.P. Peter Primo 8 February 2018 I will never forget you!