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FanStory Magic

This page is dedicated to awesome people that made their own fantasy story about me. No pictures or videos here. Here it's all about letting your own imagination going wild while reading a fantasy story. Nothing can beat your own imagination and there are no limits in how far you can take it. Publishing these stories here is my way of saying thank you!

Threesome with Dolly Fox and Candy Charms by Texman

(Fantasy Story created by Texman from USA on 15 December 2017. You can follow him on Twitter & Instagram)

At a small adult film stage in London, busty glamour models Candy Charms and Dolly Fox were engaged in a lesbian sex shoot.

Wearing nothing but black stockings and matching high heels, the two were scissoring each other, grinding their hot wet pussies against one another while a cameraman films the act for Dolly's website.

"Yes, just like that," Dolly panted.

"Oh, fuck!" Candy yelled.

This is the first time these two busty beauties were performing together, thought Dolly and Candy have had previous girl-girl experience. Candy Charms has a massive 32LL bust size and Dolly Fox has a smaller, yet impressive bust size of 34HH and her breasts are soft and smooth compared to Candy's firmness.

"Fuck! I'm cumming!" Candy yelled locking her pussy onto Dolly's.

Both girls reached their climax and came onto each other's pussies, their seeds mixing with one another. They moved their faces towards one another and shared a lusty tongue kiss before turning to the camera with their tongues touching each other as their shoot ends.

"And cut! Beautiful, you were both great," the cameraman tells the ladies.

"You're such a great fuck," Dolly tells her British girlfriend.

"Thanks, so are you," Candy answers back to her as she leans forward to kiss her on the lips.

The two got up from the stage bed and walked hand-in-hand to their dressing room where they took a shower to wash the cum from each other's bodies. As they dried off and got dressed, Dolly grabs her cell phone and finds that she has a message from her husband Tony.

Hola, mi amor. I just arrived in London Heathrow. I'm coming to visit you! Brace yourself.

Dolly is shocked to hear that her husband is coming to surprise her.

"My husband is coming to see me tonight," she told Candy, "He flew all the way from Espana just to come see me."

Dolly's husband Tony has been highly supportive of her in following her dream of being a big bust glamour model and occasional girl-girl porn star. The two happen to have a open relationship where she would bring home one of her girlfriends over for them to play with in a threesome.

"That is awesome!" Candy exclaimed while pulling up her strapless dress to her breasts, "you must be lucky to have him as your husband."

“I do feel guilty he's missing out on all the fun we were having,” Dolly noted, “If there is some way to show how much I truly love him.” She and Candy looked at each other and both knew of the same idea.

Candy and Dolly exited the studio and walked hand in hand on the streets of London to the upscale hotel where Dolly is staying. Once they arrived at her room, they find a man standing on front of the king bed, facing them. It was Dolly's husband Tony. He was holding a bouquet of flowers.

"Um, surprise?" Tony chuckled, shocked to find both Dolly and Candy together at their hotel doorstep. Dolly was dressed in a tight strapless white dress and Candy has on a similar dress, only pink.

"Actually, I was thinking that you should get the surprise," Dolly remarked as she presented Candy to him.

"You remember Candy Charms? She is the girl I fucked hard during our lesbo shoot today. Our pussies grinding against one another till we reached our climax.”

"Hearing that now might have made you hard," Candy added before Dolly continued her speech.

"But I feel terrible that you have been left out on the fun."

The two busty blondes walked over to him where they wrapped their arms around him, pressing their breasts against him.

"So we decided to make it up to you," Dolly said to her husband as she leaned towards him to kiss. As the lovely couple were making out, Candy began kissing and nibbling his neck and ear.

As they broke from their kiss, Dolly asked him, "look at her sexy lips." She was referring to Candy's plump lipstick-covered lips.

"I've already kissed those lips numerous times. Those lips are irresistible. Do you wanna know what it's like kissing those sultry lips?"

Tony stuttered for a bit before replying with, "I do."

"Kiss her, mi amor. Kiss those sexy lips for me! I want you to feel what I have already felt," Dolly told him before leaning closer to his ear to whisper, "Kiss Candy Charms."

Tony does so by leaning towards Candy and with lust pressed his lips against hers. This feeling of her lips against his was unlike no other. As Tony and Candy made out with passion, Dolly was now kissing and licking his neck as well as nibbling his ear. She would whisper words of encouragement into his ear as he continued probing his lips against Candy's.

"That's it, baby. Keep kissing her. I want to make you feel good. We both love you. We're both in love with you."

With that last part said, he grabbed the back of her head to pull her lips to theirs for a three-way kiss. Tony was now kissing both the lips of his wife Dolly and her girlfriend Candy. Their sweet tongues probing onto his, expressing their love to him. He lowered his hands from their backs all the way down to their asses. His left hand grabbed a hold of Candy's large plump asscheeks while his right grabbed a hold of his wife's smaller, yet bubbly asscheeks. This further intensified the three-way kiss with the girls probing their tongues further into his mouth. While still kissing, the ladies guided him to the chair on the corner, facing the bed. The three finally broke from the kiss as the busty blondes pushed the lucky guy to the chair.

Dolly turned to her girlfriend Candy. "Let's give him a little sex show of our own," to which Candy responded, "I'm game."

"Me and Candy are gonna show you exactly what we did during our shoot today," Dolly told her husband.

"Don't worry, we'll let you know when you can join us," Candy added, "Just be patient."

With that said, Dolly and Candy turned towards each other. They moved closer until their faces were centimeters from one another. Candy then pulled Dolly's face to hers and started making out with each other. The two busty ladies were kissing each other with such passion. Tony was aroused at the sight of his wife kissing another woman.

Candy pulls down Dolly's dress and devours on her 34HH breasts, sucking on her nipples and licking the titflesh. The British blonde pulled the dress down to the floor, leaving Dolly fully nude except for her high heels, before kneeling down to plant kisses down her body, her lips and tongue on her girlfriend's tummy down to her wet pussy. Candy tongued Dolly for a while before getting up to have the Belgian beauty do the same thing to her.

Dolly pulled down Candy's dress to her waist where she sucked and kissed her firm tanned 32LL breasts before pulling the dress down to the floor where she too kissed her way down to Candy's pussy. Dolly tongue-fucked the British blonde for several minutes, getting them both wet for what's to come.

Dolly got up and the ladies showed off their sexy curvy bodies to Tony, both nude except for their high heels. Tony was enjoying the sight of his wife and her girlfriend naked showing their massive breasts and bubbly asses. He felt the urge to masturbate but opted to save himself for later.

The busty blondes left their heels on as they got on the bed to have steamy sapphic sex. They kneeled in front of each other on the bed where they shared a long tender kiss, their lips and tongues touching one another. Candy crawled on top of Dolly as they wrapped their arms around each other and continued kissing, their curvy bodies grinding against one another. Dolly can feel her wet crotch touching Candy's, which made her kiss harder. Both blondes were making out, bodies pressed together, their crotches grinding against one another they they can feel each others sex.

“I love you, Dolly,” Candy said to her.

“I love you too, Candy,” Dolly responded before kissing her again.

Candy spun herself around where both girls face were facing each others pussies in a 69 position. The two busty blondes tongue-fucked each other with sheer sapphic passion. Both were withering in such delight as they continued eating one another. Tony was seeing all this unfold, still holding the urge to jump in or even touch himself. Candy and Dolly moaned together as they came in each others faces, tasting their juice. They disengaged and got up to kiss the wetness off each other.

The busty girls lined themselves up in a scissor position where they pressed their pussies together. The two were grinding their hot wet cunts against one another in front of Dolly's husband.

"Oh, fuck yes! Fuck my pussy in front of my hubby!" Dolly shouted, bucking her hips against Candy's, "Show him how much you mean to me, and to him!"

"Oh, yes! You seeing this Tony?" Candy panted, "You want your cock in-between our tribbing pussies?"

"Yes," he replied, "I really do."

"Be patient, mi amor," Dolly coaxed her husband, "me and Candy will fuck you shortly after we finish fucking each other."

The busty blondes grinding their pussies together harder and faster, their huge tits bouncing with every thrust as they reach their climax.

"I'm gonna cum, lover!" Candy yelled to her tribbing partner.

"Cum with me, lover!" Dolly replied loudly, their pussies locked together as they came. Their sex juices mixing together in harmony as they let out a loud orgasm. The blondes catched their breaths before they got up to kiss each other.

"That was the best lesbian sex ever!" Dolly said breathlessly, sharing another kiss with her British girlfriend.

"Indeed, now it's time to follow that up with the best threesome sex ever!" Candy replied.

Candy and Dolly got up to the chair and grabbed Tony, dragging him to the bed with them. They ripped out all his clothes until he was naked with them. He laid in-between the two busty blondes with his arms around them and their big boobs pressed against his chest.

"Did you like our little sex show, love?" Dolly asked her husband, stroking his chest with Candy.

"That was fucking hot!" Tony replied, both his hands squeezing their asscheeks. The blondes’ soaked pussies grinding against each of his thighs.

"Thanks for letting us fuck each other in front of you," Candy said to him, "now it's time for you to be rewarded for such patience."

"And such support," Dolly added, "not every husband would allow their own wife to fuck another woman."

"And not every wife would let their husband join in," Tony replied, pulling both his wife and girlfriend closer to him.

"Come and kiss your two lovers!" Candy demanded and Tony turned to kiss his Belgian wife first, their lips and tongues lashing against one another all while Candy is licking and nibbling his neck. He then turned to make out with the other busty blonde, their mouths mashing together while Dolly is kissing his ear and neck. Tony brought both girls' mouths to his for a three-way kiss. He loved the feeling of kissing both girls simultaneously, this shows how much he loves them both.

Dolly and Candy pulled away from him and started planting tender kisses down his chest, torso, all the way down to his hard cock. Dolly engulfed the top half of his shaft while Candy sucked and licked the bottom half and his balls. Tony laid in sheer bliss as he received a blowjob from his wife and her girlfriend, who is now their girlfriend.

The two busty blondes turned and showed him their big firm asses, Candy's ass is noticeably bigger than Dolly's, but Dolly's ass is soft compared to Candy's firm booty.

“Let us give you a double assjob,” Dolly said to her husband as they pushed their asses against his stiff dick, sandwiching it together. Tony was in awe at the sight of his cock being sandwiched between the asses of the two busty beauties, admiring the softness from his wife and the thick firmness of Candy. The ladies continued grinding their asses against his dick for several minutes before moving on to the next position.

"Ready to go for a ride, our love?" Candy asked him as she lifts a leg over his head to straddle his face. He grabbed a hold of her hips and placed his mouth to her pussy lips to tongue-fuck her.

"Oh fuck yes! Eat my fucking pussy!" Candy yelped.

Dolly lift her left leg up to straddle Tony's groin, where she slid her pussy down his cock.

“Fuck! That feels so fucking good!” Dolly moaned loudly as she rode her husband hard like a bronco while he eats Candy's pussy, her large and soft breasts bouncing with every thrust. The British blonde is completely amazed at the sight of her Belgian girlfriend riding her husband's cock.

"Wow, Dolly! You ride him really good!" Candy panted.

"Oh yeah, you should come try it out for yourself," Dolly replied. The two girls switch places with Candy sliding her pussy down his cock and Dolly straddling her pussy down his face.

“Oh, yes! You're right, Dolly!” Candy told her while riding Tony, “Your hubby's cock is so fucking good!”

“See I told you!” Dolly said to her British girlfriend while riding Tony's tongue, “Yes! Eat me! Eat my motherfucking pussy!”

Both girls were about to reach their orgasm again as they rode him hard, their huge tits bouncing wildly.

“Oh, Dolly! I'm gonna cum all over Tony's big stiff cock!” Candy yelled.

“Do it baby! Soak my hubby's lovely dick!” Dolly gasped, “I'm gonna cum too!”

Both busty blondes came together, Dolly soaking her husband Tony with her warm cum in his mouth and Candy continuously squirming on his cock.

“Taste my cum, mi amor!” Candy tells Tony as he scoots up to his face and let him slurp her girl juice off her pussy. Dolly lying next to them recovering and catching her breath sees his hubby eating her girlfriend's pussy and uses her right hand to frig her own pussy.

“Make Candy cum again!” Dolly encourages her husband as he continues eating the British blonde's clit until she came again, her juice soaking the lucky bloke's face.

“Baby! I love it when you fuck me like that!”
Candy panted as she got off of him to lay down and rest. As the trio laid beside one another, the blondes placed a hand on his groin and noticed he hasn't let out his cum yet.

“Still holding it in for us, baby?” Dolly said with a small moan.

“All for both of you, mi amores,” Tony replied.

“That is so sweet of you,” Candy stated as she and Dolly got up, “now it's time for you to unload.”

The ladies once again got into their scissoring positions with their buttocks cushioning on his pelvis, the two girls pressed their cunts onto his cock, sandwiching it. Tony's cock was now trapped between the pussies of his wife Dolly and her girlfriend Candy.

“Fuck yeah, I love this!” Dolly moaned.

“You like our wet pussies tribbing your hard cock?” Candy asked him huskily.

"Oh, fuck yes!" Tony moaned out, sinking in the sensation of his dick being sandwiched between two wet pussies. Dolly and Candy held hands as they continued grinding their cunts on his shaft.

“Fuck us nuestro amor! Cum for us! Cum for your big-titty lovers!” Dolly and Candy yelled as their pussies were cumming on his cock. Tony used his hands to squeeze their massive breasts that were jiggling wildly with each thrust.

“I'm gonna cum for you amores!” Tony yelled as his dick splurted out ropes of semen landing on the girls’ stomachs and lower abdomens. Both busty blondes took his cum with their hands and put them in their pussies.

Dolly and Candy moved towards the lucky guy to make out with him in a three-way kiss before snuggling up to him laying their heads on his shoulders. They wrapped their arms around Tony and he returns the favor by wrapping his arms around the two busty beauties, their huge tits pressing against him. The ladies lifted a leg over his and pressed their pussies on each of his thighs. He took a moment to squeeze the girls’ bubbly asscheeks.

“Te amo, my beautiful girls,” Tony said to Dolly and Candy before kissing their foreheads.

“We love you too, amor,” both busty blondes replied in unison. Candy says to Dolly, “You two have such a great relationship and I find it touching that you reward him for such loyalty.”

“I have the best husband ever,” Dolly moaned quietly.

“I have the best wife ever,” Tony replied as he held the busty girls in his arms as they drift off to sleep.

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