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Upcoming changes ...

10th of March, 2018

Hi sweeties,

We’re working on improving the website:

- Fixing the problem with videos on the blog and with upside down pictures.

- Blog will become an infinity loading page, so you can just scroll down to see older posts and no longer will have to click on the older ones to see the picture or video.

- Integration of my webcam on streamate. Once that’s done, there will be weekly cam shows for members and older ones will be available as download.

- Working on a notification system for me, so that I know when you send something in the chat or left a comment, so that I can interact quicker with you.

- Will be posting all the older content in the order it was released in the past over a period of several months. Will also be adding detailed life events, about me page, ... Basically when that’s finished all history about me will be here.

Because of some issues, retention was disabled since New Year, so everybody has access to all my content. Once the bugs are all solved this will be reactivated for new members. All current members that stay with me, will have unlimited access forever! We’re also working out a bonus system, so you can save for free stuff. This will come later this year.

More exciting things coming, but I will reveal them little by little.

Things start to look better and better with the booboo and the allergic reaction. However, the dermatologist is against me having huge implants and blames them for the problems. But some research on the internet points out that the cream the doctor gave me in beginning of January is the cause of the problems. Only my surgeon in Belgium could tell me if this is the case, but a trip to Belgium is not in the budget at the moment.

Below a close-up picture taken just before writing th entry.

Thank you for your love and support!

Big Kisses,



Mikael 05:48 08/01/2019
Sounds wonderful<br>
Mikael 05:49 08/01/2019
ok. This is beyond my reach Dolly.<br>
Mikael 05:52 08/01/2019
A 1000 thanks Dolly. I'll always support You when I can - unless You f.... me up !!! If You f.... me up then there's NO more support from me !!!<br>
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