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Sorting My Movie Collection part 4

15th of November, 2023

Update on sorting my movie/series collection ...
#PhysicalMedia #DVD #Bluray #4KUltraHD

The final sorting will be a mix of actors, genres, franchises and by alphabet or chronological by release date. Just to make things easy 😁

For now I put some actors and franchises together. There's a double row in the cabinets, still have to figure out a good system for later.
Was thinking boxes that I can pull out ... 🤔

So far I sorted together:

- Clint Eastwood
- John Wayne
- Sylvester Stallone
- Arnold Schwarzenegger + Terminator franchise
- Tom Cruise
- Bruce Willis
- Mel Gibson
- Keanu Reeves
- Rutger Hauer
- Jackie Chan
- Charles Bronson
- Nicolas Cage
- Steven Seagal
- Dolph Lundgren
- Jean-Claude Van Damme
- Chuck Norris
- Burt Reynolds
- Jason Statham
- Vin Diesel
- Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson
- Hulk Hogan

- Star Trek
- Tremors
- Resident Evil
- King Kong / Godzilla
- Shaft
- Zorro
- Transformers
- Star Wars
- Robocop
- Pirates of the Caribbean
- Marvel / MCU
- DC

- Westerns (without actors listed above)
- Cartoons/Animation
- Dutch/Flemish


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