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Motivation Quote

15th of September, 2023

If you don't like something, change it.
If you can't change it, change your attitude! ❤️
Quote by Maya Angelou

This is one that I'm constantly trying to apply to myself. I'm not perfect, so sometimes I'm failing at it too.

But I have to say that it does make a big difference if you can do it.

Sometimes we get so caught up in something and focus on the wrong things, the things that are out of our control. That leads mostly to anger, frustration and disappointment.

But if you change the way you react to it and take a step back, suddenly it comes clear that there are some other things that you can do ... things that may change everything for the better.

I've struggled the last weeks and months with things here on X and I was really focussed on the things that were out of my control.

Yesterday I decided to change my attitude towards it, do more research and take actions in my control that might help me. Now only time can tell if they will be the right choices ...

But no matter the outcome, at least I'm already in a much better state of mind 👍


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