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Mikael 23:15 16/12/2019
00:15 hi Dolly. Please show us what You got.<br>
Mikael 23:17 16/12/2019
0036 :-D.&nbsp; Well, the black colour fits Your blond hair-colour Dolly.<br>
Mikael 23:18 16/12/2019
00:43 :-D I'm doing The Best I can Dolly. <br>
Mikael 23:19 16/12/2019
00:43b I'm doing The Best I can with the resources I have.
Mikael 23:19 16/12/2019
01:01 I agree.<br>
Mikael 23:23 16/12/2019
01:14 Sounds like a good idea. I'm also drinking coffie in an attempt to quit drinking Cola. I'm also eating Dried Fruit in an attempt to quit eating candy. So "Welcome in the club".<br>
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