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Break from Social Media

13th of November, 2023
Break from Social Media

Over the last few months I've invested a lot of time in trying to grow my social media accounts, sadly without any results, except for me being drained ...

Before things get even worse for myself mentally, I want to take actions to prevent that.

Because of investing so much time in my social media accounts, other things have been neglected and I've had no time to work on new things I want to do ... Sometimes it feels like 48h in a day would still not be enough.

From tomorrow, I will be limiting my time on social media for an unknown period of time. This post will stay pinned to my profile until I feel ready again.

Don't worry, there will be regular posts and updates just like before. The big difference will be in comments and interactions. Only around the time of posting I will be responsive for a short time to a few random picked comments. So please don't take it personal if it's not your comment. There may be days I take more time to be responsive and others that I totally don't, will depend on what I'm doing and how I feel.

In the same time I will be testing how this affects my accounts. All over the internet you will find that you need to be social on social media, and that makes sense. However, the platforms punish you when it's not in the way they want. Too many likes in a short time, you're a bot. Too many replies in a short time, you're spamming. Responding to what they believe is a wrong account, rewarded with limited reach.

Instead of growth, I've only been more and more limited and throttled on every platform. While I enjoy making friends on here, there's also a business side and that's also heavy affected and needs my full attention. I don't feel comfortable to share more about that here, but let's say the water is rising and I don't want to drown.

I'm grateful to you who will remain supportive while I try to figure this all out and heal myself 🤗❤️🥰😘💋


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