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Sadly, I have some bad news ...

10th of June, 2018

Hi sweetie,

Normally I was now on an airplane to New York, but something came up that turned everything upside down ... I hope you will take the time to read until the end. I know it will be long, but it's very important to understand my situation.

I will first start with the very bad news, then we have this already behind us.

On Friday 15 June, I will go into surgery in Belgium to have my implants removed. Some of you know about the booboo that I have been struggling with since last year in May. Beginning this year it was finally closed and it seemed to go in the good direction. However, about 3 weeks ago, the booboo opened again out of nowhere. But this time even worse than before. Because of my scheduled trip to the USA and my leading role in Double Vision that was going to be shot during this trip, I agreed with the doctor to take the risk to schedule the surgery on 12 July. He actually wanted to remove them the day after my consult on 31 May, but there was no way that I could stay longer in Belgium. And I was also not prepared for this. This came as a shock and that's why some days I have been quiet in the last week. Trying to find a way to handle this mentally, trying to find the positive in all of this. After my return from Belgium it didn't really get any better. Beginning this week there were some signs that I was going to take a big risk, so in talks with the producer of the movie, we cancelled me doing the movie and cancelled my trip to the USA. The movie will go forward with another actress and I wish them the best of luck. Maybe in the future another movie for me. But my health comes first, so we had to take these hard decisions. But in the end, it will be for the better. It will take several months to fully heal. I can't give you an estimate, as nobody knows how long it will take. Everyone is different, and every issue is different. After all is healed, I can get new implants and return to the 'old' Dolly. 

The 'old' Dolly brings me to the other thing that has kept some of you busy over the last few weeks. On 23 May, I made a post on instagram that created some confusion. But at that moment, I was unable to tell what was going to happen, so I couldn't tell more. But even with the bad news that you just read, what I wanted to say then, is still the same. 

Some of you will remember the multiple surgeries I got last year and that they were not the biggest success. Due to the trouble, I quickly made the choice to get expanders. Now I regret doing that. The last year has been one of much discomfort and a lot of pain. I also don't like how hard they are. All together, it makes me miss my 'old' 2000cc. When I started in this business, I really didn't know what I was doing. I got sucked into a world of people that like girls that do all kinds of surgeries and try to go as big as possible. People who follow me from the beginning, know that I sometimes made hints at possible surgeries. But nothing came ever through. Why? Because that's not really who I am. After struggling for 3 years to find my own identity, I finally found myself. I don't fit in this group of girls that constantly want to rebuild themselves, it's just not me. I also never had the desire to become the woman with the biggest boobs. True, I always said that I wanted between 3500 and 4000 and I probably would have done it. But my body has given me signs over the last year, that it's not for me. This doesn't mean that I don't like big boobs anymore. I will always be crazy about girls with big fake or natural boobs. However, I hope that after this healing period, I can go back to my old type of implants filled to 2000cc, just like I was in all my Score shoots and before last years surgery. Basically how you have known me the first 2 years. Or maybe silicone, maybe a little smaller, but still big. I will have some time to think about my options, but never again expanders. I made a lot of bad choices and got influenced by people. I don't blame anybody for this. I made the choices myself and I'm the only one to blame to have being influences, instead of following my own path. 

If I knew that I had to remove my implants, I probably wouldn't have made that post, but now it just comes all together. And in the end, it will come to the same result ... rebirth of the 'old' Dolly.

Many of you told me multiple times to not go any bigger anymore, before I went in surgery last year. I should have listened, but at that time I was deaf and blind for all that good advise.

I know this will come as a shock to some of you, just like it was for me.

What about the website? The show must go on and we have to try to find the positive in this. I will be trying to shoot enough content before my surgery, to be able to keep updating the website weekly with new videos. We still have some unreleased content too. In my recovery period we will be working on improving the website, still a whole list with things to change. We will also be uploading all old content that was on clipteez in cronological order, so that everything will go all the way back to 2 April 2015. We will also digg in all the old content, to look for unreleased footage and pictures. The website will keep going as nothing has happened until I have new boobs. After the surgery, we will look into the subscriptions, as to what's included for which price. Certain things will be more difficult during my recovery, so we will be adjusting the subscriptions, but you will get an email about that around the end of this month.

Only members will be updated about my progress and I will be looking into an extra option on the website, where you will be able to see some pictures, but only if you wish to see them. I know that some of you prefer to not see these things, so it won't be forced on you.

While this is a message with very bad news, it will bring you lots of exciting things on my website. All members that will stay with me, will have full access to the site for life. Beginning this year, we disabled the retention period for all subscriptions. This will be re-activated when I have my new boobs. But for all of you that are still a member at the moment of re-activation, you will have access backwards all the way until 2 April 2015! This means you will have access to a huge amount of content, previous released and newly unreleased. 

I already accepted what needs to be done, now I hope that you can do the same. I hope you will be there for me and that you are willing to stick with me during this difficult period ahead. I would have been nowhere without you!

I'm really sad that I had to write you this message with this bad news and I'm scared for what has to come in the next months ... 

But ... I'm ready! This is not the end, but a new beginning. I will embrace this, push things to the next level during my recovery period and come out stronger than ever before.

Hope you want to join me on this adventure ...

Love, Hugs and Big Kisses,





John69nl 14:40 11/06/2018
Hi Dolly, yes ofcourse your health is the most important now. You are amazing and beautifull inside and outside. I believe you become stronger and much better in the future, this is just one of the many experiences. Positives vibes keeps you going and going, and get you higher and higher. I will try to do my best, to support you. You are great, Dolly, i believe in you sweetheart. Many kissess, John&💋am💖p;😘nbsp;
MarkRies 14:37 24/11/2018
Hello Dolly like to wish you the best and yes your health is very important to you now you are a very awesome lady and hopefully this will make you very strong and stronger in the future and you'll just have to think positive you are an awesome lady really love your site also love you Twitter site and the ladies that you hang around you are just such a sweetheart and I really love your big boobies are awesome what size were they before you went through this ordeal and what size are they now and what size do you want to get them to so just take care sweetheart wish you the best of luck in your future surgeries and whatever you have to go through and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and as far as I'm concerned you are a knockout you will always be a knockout and I love you for who you are and for what you do you are a very special lady and you will always have a place in my heart hugs kisses DOLLY love your newest member Mark 
Dolly Fox 15:31 24/11/2018
Thank you for your support, very sweet of you and much appreciated. 😘💋
Mikael 05:56 09/01/2019
I wish You all the best with You recovery Dolly.<br>
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